Friday, January 15, 2010

welcome to the family

Nine West - i cant wait to wear these in New York this summer. They are the perfect pair of heels to wear around the city, and unbelievable comfortable!
my current OBSESSION. these booties are from f21 but only because i can't afford the ones my heart [and feet] truly desire: thank you Acne & Pour La Victiore, my heart skips a beat every time i dare glance at the masterpiece you have created, if only my checking account would let you into my life

i actually bought these last year at anthropologie but since i've only worn them once since then i figured they are still new enough that they deserve a welcome to my family of shoes
side note: these shoes must be lucky because the one night i did wear them out the boy of my dreams and i had our first kiss, one of my favorite memories

Cole Haan - perfect pair of black flats that go with just about anything. i especially love the crosshatching detail on the front


  1. i lovelovelove the nine west ones (yay for nyc this summer!) and the anthro ones. the wooded heel is so cute! and i like that memory :)

  2. PS. I'm already obsessed with your blog!

  3. aw yay im so excited! i need to post a little more often, but i have a few planned already so ill try not to fall behind again.